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Lake View Villa - Chennai

Lake View Villa - Chennai

  • Location : S. Kolathur, Outer Ring Road, Chennai
  • Land area : 2400 sq ft
  • Build up area : 5000 sq ft
  • Client name : Augustine
  • Year : 2014
  • Architectural design : Ansari Architects
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects
  • Structural Consultant : Structures India, Chennai
  • Design Team : Mohan, Manimegalai

The house is facing a beautiful lake which is oriented on its western side. The views from the house are best in that direction.

But West facing houses attract lot of heat due to exposure to to harsh Sun's rays of Chennai's climate. Hence it is not desirable to have large expanse of glass areas in this direction. To solve this conflict , we resorted to Sunlight study using software simulation in the computer.

The computer simulation of Sun Light direction and angle Sun's rays during various times of the day and during various seasons of the year enabled us to arrive at largest possible window sizes and position of shading devices without letting in much of sunlight and its heat. Based on this we were able to strategically place the Large windows and cantilevered Sunshades in building combination of which forms the main feature on the facade of the building.

The house is designed in three levels and the ground floor level is totally dedicated to car parking and a small house for rental purpose .

The main house is in the first floor and second floor levels . The living room of the house in which you will enter primarily is situated at the lower level than rest of the house. This imparts two advantages: the living room gets higher ceiling so it looks more spacious and grand, when you climb the stair to enter the living room, you don't feel like you are climbing a full floor. You will be climbing only 7 feet from road level. The rest of the house is situated in a slightly higher level than the living room this way the house presents and approachable height to users .

There is a small courtyard designed in the center of the house which brings in ample skylight as well as a touch of green space inside.

The open kitchen is designed to enhance the spacial effect. The house is designed in the open concept which gives you an expansive feeling as you enter the house .

The staircase which connects two floors is provided with a tall glass window which brings in abundant light to the dining area and creates a very interesting climb as you go up.

The second floor is designed with two bedrooms and both bedrooms view of the lake with large windows provided for the benefit .

There is also a small family area which is used as a music room in the second floor .

This house is basically done in a tight budget. All the expensive finishes were avoided and every selection of material employed is based on the budget and its price to reduce the overall cost . This is one of the examples of how we can do a spacious, comfortable house in a small plot with the constraints of the budget.

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