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Staircase Blog

Flight of steps with twists & turnsWhat is so special about a staircase? Aren’t they just supposed to take you to the next floor? Well, the stairway, too, can become a style statement as there is no dearth of innovative ideas that can suit your taste, available space and budget.Read More

Ancient Courtyard

Return of the Interior CourtyardRemember the interior courtyard? What a luxury they used to be, and how nostalgic the memory of them still is! Having a piece of the sky and share of the rain inside your home was a luxury, indeed. Today, of course, the sprawling courtyard flanked by rooms is a thing of the past. Or is it? Surprise. According to Dameem Ansari, principal architect, Ansari Associates Architects and Interior Designers. Read More

Ayyampet House Kitchen

Kitchen Islands for Modern HomesIF YOU own a sprawling house with a fairly large kitchen, island counters would definitely add style to your cooking space. Kitchen islands or island counters in the kitchen is rather a western concept, but they are, increasingly now, part of modern Indian homes. Read More

Palawakkam Ecr House

Create your Own NicheLarge, empty walls in a room can be monotonous. A dash of a bright colour or space sometimes can add pizazz. Sometimes people transform one of the walls in a room into a feature wall by using texture paint or displaying a large painting. Creating niches or recesses to enhance the aesthetics of a wall is an emerging concept. You might have seen them in hotels or art galleries, but it is fast becoming popular in residences too. Read More

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