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Project Details

The Green Heritage - Keelakkarai, Tamil Nadu

The Green Heritage - Keelakkarai, Tamil Nadu

  • Location : Keelakarai, South Tamil Nadu (located very close to Sea)
  • Land area : 3960 sqft
  • Build up area : 5420 sq ft
  • Client name : Withheld
  • Year : 2009
  • Architectural design : Ansari Architects
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects
The Concept

This Eco sensitive and sustainable residence contains a beautifully designed courtyard around which all the spaces are designed. The entire house was built with exposed brickwork to avoid plastering and painting cost. Flooring was done with Jaisalmer stone which gives the ethnic look and feel.

The Plan

The house is designed in angular plan to maximise the usage of the narrow plot and also to invite the southern sea breeze easily in to the house.

The spaces include 5 bedrooms. The living room for formal guests, a dining room, all of them opening to the courtyard. A kitchen with a store and a utility area is provided on the rear.

Roofing Design

Sloped roofs with large eave overhangs, have been provided to give shading on the walls which increase the comfort inside the house and also to avoid monsoon rains from drenching the walls and creating seepage problems. Different levels in sloped were carefully worked out to give the facade more interesting look and these are also angled to avoid direct sunlight.

The usage of many skylights in the roof brings ample natural light into the house, thus reducing the lighting cost.

The traditional courtyard

The courtyard works as a ‘heat sink’ bringing natural sea breeze throughout the building and helps to bring down the air-conditioning cost. Large overhanging eaves provide shading on the walls. Locally available environment friendly materials used throughout.

All the furniture were designed by us to suit the simple rustic nature of the house. A low seating dining table gives an unique experience to the users.

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