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Angular Offsets House - Ayyampet, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu

Angular Offsets House - Ayyampet, Tanjore, Tamil Nadu India

  • Location : Ayyampet, Tamil Nadu
  • Land area : 13,000 sq ft
  • Build up area : 5000 sq ft
  • Client name : Mr.Sabjee
  • Year : 2003
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects(Renovation)
  • Landscaping : Sun and Black Flowers, Chennai
  • Design Team : Sheik, Mohan, Asgar

This house is designed in the style reminiscent of houses in South east Asia, which suits the climate it sits in. Large overhanging roofs protect the house from Monsoon rains of the region.

Due to the shape of the plot which is located in a corner, the house has been designed to take advantage of the views all around at the same time to receive the breeze from the important south direction which is facing.

The angular shape has been chosen for the planning as to orient the house towards the corner which is turning around it.

Sloped roof profile which dominates massing of the house is inspired by the South East Asian architecture which is found in countries like Malaysia and Thailand, where it is mainly employed because of the incessant rains. Similarly the house here is also located in an area which receives a lot of rain during the year

The landscaping envelopes the entire house by providing green expanse of lawns all around through which cooled southern breeze is received into the house.

The roof tiles have been laid on the concrete slab by providing a small gap in between to create air circulation and to reduce heat ingress into the house through sloped roofs. These tiles are also glazed with ceramic sheen to reflect direct sunlight. The Turquoise green colour blends easily with the landscaping around.

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