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House of Curves - Thopputhurai, Tamilnadu

House of Curves - Thopputhurai, Tamilnadu India

  • Location : Thoputhurai, South Tamil Nadu
  • Land area : 1 acre
  • Build up area : 6850 sqft
  • Client name : Mr.Aarifeen
  • Year : Dec 2009
  • Architectural design : Ansari Architects
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects
  • Structural Consultant : Structures India, Chennai
  • Landscaping : Ansari Architects, Chennai
  • Design Team : Asgar, Vivekanandan, Mabrooka, Rajasekar, Bala

Site is about One Acre in area. It is located at Thopputhurai southern part of tamilNadu along the East Coast. The house is situated in a very busy 40' wide road in which Govt buses ply regularly. Sheilding the house from the main traffic at the same time not blocking the view from and to the house was one of the challenges met.

About the Clients

The client lives with his family in Dubai. He has got varied businesses including hardware dealership, food packaging industries etc in Dubai. They have got 3 boys ( 17yrs, 15yrs, and 13yrs), all being educated in Dubai. This house is being used as their guest house during their brief visits to Thopputhurai which is their native place..

The client is a very well travelled man, hence it was easy for me to convince him on the contemporary design concept that was evolved. He collects crystal ware as a hobby. The house with large hall and different shapes from different viewing angles also reflects the dynamic personality of the client.

The Concept

The client's brief was to create a peaceful house with very good lighting and ventilation. The site is almost an Acre, hence we pushed the building as much back as possible to shield it away from the busy road it is located in. Some sitting areas, a lawn with cascading water body and a small fountain were also created in front.

The building is located in a warm humid coastal climate with high humidity throughout the year. The house faces south. Which is very good as we get cool breeze in the summer evenings from south throughout the TamilNadu region.

The curved concave facade gives inviting appearance (as the extended arms of a person) to the house and also receives the southern cool breeze and sends it inside the house. The western side of the house is shielded with large overhang slabs, and the toilets were placed on the west side, acting as buffers shielding the house from the hot Sun. Hence the house is exceptionally cool during most of the daytime, thus the expensive air conditioning is avoided during most part of the year.

The terraces, verandahs and balconies in front are also designed to take advantage of this cool Southern evening breeze.

The long front verandah in Ground Floor, shaded by a large curved porch on the front, is designed facing the lawn. Here the owner receives his many visiting friends in the early mornings and evenings. Other times takes them to the circular office room adjoining the verandah.

An internal courtyard with fish pond was added to give abundant reflected and diffused Sunlight and to bring in nature in to the house to enhance the 'Climatic' and 'Nature Theme' used throughout the house

The Materials Used

The basic construction was Framed RCC structure and brick walls. Teak wood was used for windows and door frames. Marble flooring was Italian 'Statvario'. In some toilets 'Crema Marfil' Marble used. Staircase was done with Artificial 'Black Putro' Marble (to offset the whiteness of the hall). Natural slate stone has been extensively used throughout the house.

The basic construction and landscaping material like the stone pavers in the lawn were sourced from the nearby Pudukottai area. The plants were sourced locally.

Lighting Design

The entire house saves a lot of energy as there is abundant daylight designed to enter the house during daytime. The Double hight hall has Skyligt roof along the curved stair. This combined with the courtyard in the main part of the Hall brings in diffused an reflected light for this massive Hall.

Ceilings are given blue LED to give it a floating effect, a touch of colours using lights in white, blues, pinks and yellows add to the surrealistic nature of the double height Hall. Light play was used in many areas to get the effect of light coming from unexpected corners and walls.

The lighting was mostly power saving PL lamps and LED lights. Blue LED lights were used in ceilings to give it a floating effect and on stair tread sides to give prominence to the steps.

Floral and Natural Motifs

Floral motive and patterns are kept at a repeat through painted glasses, flooring and natural and artificial plants. Floral motifs are used in flooring and Wall paper behind the TV of main living to enhance the climatic and 'Nature theme' employed in the house.

We wanted to add natural life to the house by bringing in a real pond with fishes, pebble stones, flowing below the floor so that you can walk on it and enjoy the beauty of it.

The curved floral and nature motive inlaid Italian Marble flooring enhances the Nature theme.

The Colour Scheme

The colour schemes used were more of earth colours in reds, russets, and browns. Dark colors for curtains and fabrics were used to offset the whiteness of the floors and walls and goes with the earthen and nature theme selected for the house.

The walls have dynamic shades that are done by breaking in colours of yellow/blue against white as well through the use of stone finished wall tiles. The natural slate stone fixed on the Wall of the internal courtyard / Light well was chosen carefully for its holographic and pearl like appearance in shades of white and very mild green adding to the richness and opulence of the house. Otherwise the walls are generally kept white.

The Bathrooms

The bathrooms differ from the rest of the house as being more black and white then the overall earth colours around the house.

Bathrooms were also designed with nature theme in mind by bringing in abundant daylight sometimes by skylights above. Mostly employed natural browns and greys to suit the theme. Tiles were minimised by bringing in natural materials like granite and marble and wood. Also bringing in white walls in selected areas of the bath rooms. The dressing rooms are being attached to the workrooms to make them look bigger and to receive the natural light through the bathroom.

Paintings and Wall decor

The paintings were sourced from '@Home' at Chennai. They were selected based on Natural theme (Big Leaves in the hall stairs) and contemporary abstract nature. The other Artifacts and wall hangings were sourced from '@Home' at Chennai

The Furniture Design

All fixed furniture (including the dining table) were made at the site to suit the shapes and functions of the rooms. The sofas in the main Living room was custom made and Family room was ordered from 'The Seating World' at Chennai.

We have used veneers on furniture from different parts of the world ranging from African Wenge, American walnut, Limba wood, Mahgony, Zeebrano, Bamboo and Ebony.

Description of each of the rooms of the house:

Please refer to the plans for room numbers

Guest Room Located in front with view of the garden.

The Internal Courtyard This courtyard cum light well designed to provide natural lighting to the entire house during the daytime. This also has a fishpond covered with toughened glass over which you can walk. During the night time this fishpond comes alive with lighting provided underwater. This courtyard wall which is two floors high; is covered with natural slate stone sourced from Andra pradesh. This courtyard also has a large planter box and at the bottom white and grey pebbles with LED light provided below the stonework.

Toilet of the guest bedroom

Living Room The living room is a very spacious one with double height ceiling. This living room is lit from top by sky lighting provided on one side and the courtyard provided on one of the corners, and hence it receives abundant daylight. During the night-time we have provided enough lighting in the false ceiling, and we've provided LED lights in blue colour for a floating effect.

Kitchen The kitchen is completely done with Pearl Blue granite from Norway which has been extensively used on the floor, on the wall as well as on the cooking platform and the wall cabinets. The light colour of the wall cabinets offsets the blackness of the floor and the walls. The recess of the ceiling has been given a light brown shade to complement of this and give a little contrast. The stainless steel tiles provided on the back side of the chimney add a touch of sparkle and break the monotony of the black colour.

Service The service area of the house complements the main kitchen and it has been provided with a large sink and washing machine etc.

The store room

Common toilet:


TV room This curved room is provided with built in curved sofas designed to complement the curved walls. With LCD TV provided opposite of the sofas. The flooring pattern and the false ceiling design also complement the curved walls.

Dining room The dining room is curved on one end and provided with a large French window. The dining table is glass topped and custom-designed with stainless steel inserts. The false ceiling of this dining room is designed exclusively with faceted glass inserts to complement the crystal showcase niches which adorn the walls of the dining. On one corner of the dining room is the recessed washbasin finished with brown Emperador Italian marble. And an above-counter wash-basin made of coloured glass is also provided. The dining room is separated from the main hall by a showcase cabinet which encloses the client’s extensive crystalware collection. We have provided a backlit ‘Tiger Onyx’ marble below and above this cabinet which is lit from the backside.

Hence it is not just a dining room but also a showcase for the client’s crystal ware collection.

Toilet of master bedroom This toilet has been designed with a skylight on one side giving abundant daylight to the shower enclosure area. We have removed the wall between the dress and the toilet thus providing enough daylight for the dressing area also. The grey coloured rustic finished tile work also has stainless steel inserts to give it a contemporary look.

The master bedroom This bedroom has been designed with walls in different angles to give it a spacious feel. There is a large window on one side below which it is seating with cushion top which continues and forms wardrobe with a provision for LCD TV opposite the bed. There is also a study table adjoining the bed. The headboard of the bed is designed with a large wall panelling which also extends on the adjoining wall and has niches with artifacts. Zeebrano veneer along with Wenge inserts has been extensively used in this room.

Toilet of office room

Office room This curved room has been designed to maximise views all around. The furniture inside have been designed to complement this curved room.

The Verandah The Vast curved verandah in the front has been finished with dark coffee brown Italian marble. The client receives his friends during morning coffee and evening sitting facing the lawn in the front also receiving the evening breeze from the south side. The floral motif on the glasses behind the verandah complement the natural Theme of the house and prepare the visitors of what to expect inside the house.

Bedroom 3 This room belongs to the second son of the family. The wardrobe has been designed with glass inserts on top, so does the cot, to give them a contemporary look. The Italian marble finished wall in the background of the bed forms the headboard for the bed. The large corner window also adds to the contemporary look and spaciousness. Mahagony veneer has been used.

Toilet of bedroom 3 The double height open courtyard seen below

The Family Hall: The large family hall opens on to the terrace in the front. A large curved toughened glass wall separates the family room and the open terrace.

Passage When you walk along this passage you can see the entire living area below

Open terrace on rear

Bedroom 1 This bedroom belongs to the third son. This curved bedroom has been provided with a curved bed designed with the curved canopy on the back give a little playful touch to the youngest boy’s room. The false ceiling has curved inserts with different colours and recessed lighting. The flooring pattern also complements the shape of room.

Dress of bedroom 1 This dress has a large wardrobe with sliding doors. Bamboo veneer has been extensively used in these rooms.


Toilet of bedroom 1

Toilet of bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 This room belongs to the first son of the family. It has a beautiful curved balcony attached to the front giving full view of the front lawn and the activities of the roadside. The large king-size bed is facing the balcony. It has been provided with a massive headboard with a niche. Limba veneer with Ebony inserts has been used extensively in this room along with dark Maroon curtains and the quilts.

The curved Balcony

The front open terrace Designed with grass inserts running in radial pattern. This terrace is provided with concrete pergola beams running perpendicular to the curved glass wall.

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