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Project Details

Stone Courtyard House - Subba Rao Avenue, Chennai

Stone Courtyard House - Subba Rao Avenue, Chennai India

  • Type : Residential Renovation
  • Location : Subba Rao Avenue, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Land area : 7600 sqft
  • Build up area : 6500 sqft
  • Client name : Withheld
  • Year : 2008
  • Architectural design : Ansari Architects
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects
  • Landscape design : Ansari Architects
The Concept

This residence in located in a posh area of Chennai, and was built 30 yrs ago. The client's brief was to remodel the house to bring it in the contemporary fold without loosing the traditional values. They also preferred adding new areas and rooms to the existing house. They liked ample amount of natural light filtering in to the interiors of the house.

The Courtyards

The house id facing North. We added two new Courtyards to the existing house, one in the front (North side) and another along the West side.

The Courtyards were separated from the house by clear sliding glass doors. These were added in the dining and living room sides to allow natural light and also a touch of outside nature in to the house. Courtyards were designed in natural 'Rough Satherly gray' stone along with pebble flooring and few plants to bring in natural touch to the main areas in the house. Stone seating and pergolas in the courtyard add to functional use of the courtyard. These are left open to sky so as to experience rains falling in to them.

Main Changes

Lobby in the front was given a contemporary and airy feel by removing an existing wall and solid wall and fenestration by way of cutouts and niches. This wall acts as a partition between dining and the main entrance.

The existing metal handrail was removed and a simple elegant white wall added in its place. Many new niches were carved in to the thick old walls to add to the simple and sleek look of the house.

The Finishes

All white walls with touch of colors brought in by the furnishing make the interiors cheerful and bright. Existing floor of the house was removed and changed to 'Rosalia' Italian marble bought from Dubai.


Solid wooden furniture in living room were designed specifically to infuse tradional touch and custom made. Other loose furniture in the house were brought from U.A.E. Artifacts and curios from client's collection give a complete look to the house.

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