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House of Voids - KK Nagar, Tamil Nadu

House of Voids - KK Nagar, Tamil Nadu India

  • Location : KK Nagar, South Tamil Nadu
  • Land area :3750 sq ft
  • Build up area :7516 sq ft
  • Client name : Mr. Ranjith
  • Year : 2019
  • Architectural design : Ansari Architects
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects
  • Structural Consultant : Professional consultancy, Chennai
  • Landscaping : Ansari Architects, Chennai
  • Design Team :Faizal, Manimegalai, Mabrooka, Nathar Shaw, Vinoth

Plot area is around 3750 square feet, which makes it suitable for a reasonably spacious house in the ground plus one concept without compromising spaces.

If the plot size is smaller than this, we generally suggest to go for stilt Plus two concept, which is explained in detail in our other houses like “Folded plate house” and “House of Compositions” et cetera. We have also uploaded detailed videos of these two houses on YouTube, which you can refer to.

At the entrance, a very inviting double-height porch forms a large mass of void; and in the first-floor level the projecting dressing room of the front bedroom compensates for this void space, thus the house is called “House of voids”.

The Foyer at the entrance provides necessary privacy and helps entertain visitors without having to let them into the private areas of the house.

The living cum dining area has been separated with a central partition which makes this entire area feel more spacious.

There are two courtyards placed strategically in this house to allow nature flow inside


A long Courtyard running along one side of the house on the ground floor provides views to living and dining areas and increases the quality of the spaces by bringing in natural light.

The living and dining areas are double-height spaces, which make them look more spacious and provide a sense of grandeur.

This house has four bedrooms in all, along with a home theatre and a gym on the second floor.

Two of those bedrooms are located on the ground floor, and are easily accessible.

The kitchen has been separated into 2 parts; the wet and dry kitchens. This makes the maintenance of the kitchens easier, and helps keep them more appealing. Please refer to our video titled House of Voids in YouTube for detailed description of these kitchen spaces, and how they can be useful.

The other two bedrooms are on the first floor, and are more spacious with attached dressing rooms.

The dressing area of the master bedroom is contiguous with the toilet separated only by a glass partition. This instills a sense of luxury, space and light.

A dry landscaped terrace has been provided on the second floor, which offers views and allows the residents to enjoy the breeze. The open feeling of the terrace is further helped by the glass handrails instead of solid parapet walls that we regularly have in normal houses.

The family room is located on the second floor of the house along with a courtyard. This forms the Confluence of all the Bedrooms and designed as resting area in this floor.

Walnut veneers have been used throughout the house along with a combination of Italian marbles, namely Botticino and brown Emperador, Contrasting, and highlighting effects.

Selected walls that tend to get dirty over time have been cladded in Marble to make maintenance easier. We have used Italian Breccia Aurora Marble for this.

A combination of artificial tiles and natural Marbles has been used in all the toilets which gives a luxurious feel while being cost-effective.

Luxury and spaciousness along with ventilation and lighting are the main concepts used to develop the design of this house, Which is clearly evident in the result that you can see through these photographs.

House of Voids- KK Nagar, Tamil Nadu




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