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House of Skylights - Aminjikarai, Tamil Nadu

House of Skylights - Aminjikarai, Chennai, India

  • Location : Aminjikarai, Central Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Land area : 5340 sq ft
  • Build up area : 5100 sq ft
  • Client name : Dr. Devdasan
  • Year : 2017
  • Architectural design : Ansari Architects
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects
  • Structural Consultant : Professional consultancy, Chennai
  • Landscaping : Ansari Architects
  • Design Team : Rajasekar, Manimegalai, Mabrooka, Manoj, Asgar

The location of the house is Central Chennai, with a built up area of 6000 sq ft. The principal aim of the design was to bring in maximum natural light and ventilation into the house. This is achieved through the prominent feature of Sky Light courtyards in many locations of the house. The contemporary style is adopted as design language. It is a comfortable House with luxury room sizes and openness which pervades the entire villa.

The exteriors of the house is treated with natural stone finish and Artificial Wooden finish which gives ethnic look.

The house has a large and a spacious Living Room where the floor level is lowered to give a heigh ceiling. This type of high ceiling imparts openness, luxury and vast look. The marble flooring used min main areas gives excellent finishing and magnificence to the space.

Along with Sky Lights, Courtyards are also provided to bring in outside nature into the inner space.

The setbacks are made useful by turning them as Courtyards, hence called as Exterior Courtyards. The courtyards and sit outs are treated with dry landscape, which serve aesthetically and also can be easily maintained.

Minimal Stainless steel handrails with glass railings are focal points of the central staircase which is designed as a sort of a sculpture in centre, dividing Living and Dining areas.

The Sky light is used in Master Bedroom toilet, First Floor Son's room, which is the prominent feature of the house. This feature can be felt, not exposed out, but is felt and experienced by the inmates of the house.

The sit outs are positioned in a way that the lawn can be viewed from indoor itself. The Family room opens in to the sit out which is treated with toughened glass railing. The outdoor scene and landscape can be viewed from inside with no obstacles like hand railings.

The sit out attached to the Dining is completely protected with steel bars, to avoid usage of grill at the doorway, since the grills will be obstructing the view of the sit out, at the same time providing required security to the dining and rest of the house.

The porch is designed as a free standing cantilevered structure for a very large span without any support. The high raised RCC Slab plays a vital role, which creates the car porch area and above slab area is used as sit out. The sit out is covered partially with a vast cantilevered RCC Slab, which is also free standing.

House of Skylights- Aminjikarai, Tamil Nadu



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