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House of Million Stars - Kodambakkam, Tamil Nadu

House of Million Stars - Kodambakkam, Tamil Nadu India

  • Location : Kodambakkam, South Tamil Nadu
  • Land area : 2810 sq ft
  • Build up area : 7000 sq ft
  • Client name : Mr.Balaguru
  • Year : 2017
  • Architectural design : Ansari Architects
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects
  • Structural Consultant : Professional consultancy, Chennai
  • Design Team : Asgar, Mabrooka, Manimegalai, Praveena

This house is a very good example of introverted house design concept, where the beautiful elements you see outside such as nature and the greenery are brought inside the house.

The site is located on the Tropical Warm and Humid Climatic Zone. Lighting was given the most importance in this project. Natural daylight and creative usage of artificial lighting played vital role in this independant Villa Project.

Architectural Features of the Project

Natural Sunlight has proven to be an excellent form giver, using which an architect can create dynamic environments. Direct sunlight creates an intense modeling with harsh shadows and its direction during the course of the day has a major impact and releases heat into the inner space. Usually the day lighting is achieved through windows, skylights or light shelves. Letting in direct day light will give raise to heat gain in the interior spaces. Hence our major motive was to bring in Natural Light and Natural Ventilation and the minimising of heat gain. It is achieved by scattering the Natural Light by method called the Diffused Lighting. This is considered as one of the best Passive cooling design and strategies.

Diffused lighting is brought in through two ways:

Through efficient usage of setback as Courtyard that helps the Natural Direct Sunlight to fall on the exterior wall, reflect and convert into Diffused Light and enter into the space. Hence this Narrow but long Exterior Courtyard acts as a buffer zone to cut down Heat and let in Diffused Natural Day Light into indoor space of the house to minimize Heat Gain. By providing rectangular glazed openings, which are positioned at higher level called Fenestrations. These glazed opennings are treated with Lattice work which further diffuses the direct light and cuts down heat.

Artificial Lights are provided in an innovative way by making the space interesting.

It is achieved by using Three types of artificial lighting: Diffused Lighting or Ambient Lighting: This type of Diffiused Lights are used for general purpose. For everyday casual usage, like normal functional usage.

Accent Lighting or Spot Lights: Accent lighting is typically a very controlled light source that highlights specific areas of the subject. This type of Lights are used for Special Occasions, to spot or emphasise some special feature life niche, murals, sculptures or any decrative elments. Hence these lights are also called spot lights.

Cove Lighting or Mood Lights: This type lights were used only in bedrooms to create a visual comfort, a soothing and a calm environment. Through use of lighting patterns of varying levels of illumination, and of color in the light source and in the illuminated object, it is possible to produce certain moods such as: solemnity, restfulness, gaiety, activity, warmth, and coolness. Usage of these lights before 30 min of bed time will relax the user's mind and helps them to fall asleep.

Overall experience:

The people worked on this project had an overall experience on Lighting Design and study on various lighting stratergies which could be implemented and experienced by the user.

The project timeline:

The time Duration from Designing stage till the completion of the project including interior finishes was approximately 2 years.

House of million stars- Kodambakkam, Tamil Nadu




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