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Eco Village, Sustainable Villas - Yelagiri

Eco Village, Sustainable Villas - Yelagiri

  • Location : Yelagiri
  • Land area : 3.5 Acres
  • Build up area : Villas 850 sq ft to 1150 sq ft
  • Client name : Green Shelters
  • Year : 2015
  • Architectural design : Ansari Architects
  • Plumbing Consultant : Dirk Nagelscmidt, Germany
  • Interior design : Ansari Architects
  • Structural Consultant : Professional Consultancy, Chennai
  • Landscaping : Ansari Architects
  • Design Team : Rajasekar, Manimegalai, Hussain

Environment Friendly Practices adopted:

True to its name ‘Eco Village’ boasts many environmental practices to reduce its ecological foot print on the mother earth and endeavours to preserve and enhance the fragile hill ecology. Our German Consultant Mr.Dirk Nagelschmidt (M.Eng), has designed this unique technology for our ‘Eco Village’.

Centralised 'DEWATS' system :

Centralised 'DEWATS' system consisting of 2,00,000 litres capacity RCC tank for recycling waste water and sewerage generated by the entire community and turning it into recycled water is installed. This recycled pure water which comes out in WHO standards will be used to irrigate the lawns and the gardens of ‘Eco Village’. All this will require least maintenance input and lowest electricity consumption.

Rain Water Conservation: An Innovative system of network of 'Swales' (percolation ponds) connected by extensive surface drains to conserve and percolate rain water thus replenish the ground water levels of the Gated Community.

The highlights of the landscape will be:

The plants carefully selected to suit our hill environment so that they do not require much water and maintenance in the due course thus saving cost of maintenance at the same time give the luxurious appeal.

The Gardens and landscaping will be designed to enhance interaction between the occupants along with their children and help them experience the micro climate of the hills with their flowers and butterflies.

With the help from our Water Management Consultants Aqua Engineers, Mr.Dirk Nagelschmidt (M.Eng), and Mr.Markus Ellermann, both from Germany, the following concepts are implemented. Their dedicated team has been staying at our site for the past couple of months implementing the main Water supply, Sewerage network and Garden main irrigation piping system.

Read more about their company here.

We have utilized the services of this international team to provide the ultimate worry free Waterline and Sewerage system for the ‘Eco Village’ for many years to come.

Entire Water Distribution System:

'Duraline' HDPE pipes which are world famous for providing high quality pipes without joints. Theses pipes are used for entire water supply and irrigation network. This pipe is guaranteed to last or exceed the lifetime of the Project.

Imported GF Piping Accessories:

Exceptionally durable and expensive, 'Georg Fisher' Valves and couplings imported from Switzerland and Italy are used throughout the water network.

High quality UG Sewerage pipes form Astral meeting best international SN8 standard. Generally other gated communities tend to use independent soak pit for each house which overflow into the roads creating hygienic hazard and require frequent disposal by Lorries.

But we provide Complete Underground sewerage system connected to Eco friendly Centralised Sewage Recycling system Called ‘DEWATS’. This system designed and implemented by our German team speaks for the initiative we have taken to provide truly international product to our buyers.

Water Storage Systems:

We have provided combined water storage of underground RCC Sump and RCC over head tank for 50,000 liters. Inside walls of the Underground Sump and Overhead tanks are finished with white glazed tiles to prevent fungus formation and to facilitate easy cleaning.

RCC irrigation tank for 20,000 liters capacity is provided to serve the water needs of landscaping in the community. This irrigation tank receives recycled water from the eco friendly DEWATS system and also from Overhead Tank in case of low occupancy in houses.

GRUNDFOS Solar Pumping System

Solar based GRUNDFOS SQFlex pump is used in Eco Village to pump water to the Overhead tank. This pump is a complete intelligent system which is compatible with both DC and AC power supply without requiring an external inverter. And it doesn’t require EB power to operate thus very suitable during long power cuts.

Automatic tank monitoring system is installed for power on and power off based on water level monitors is fixed in both Underground storage Sump and Overhead tank. This reduces human intervention and ensures continuous uninterrupted supply of water.

Accurate profiling of installed underground lines like Water lines form tanks to individual houses and from Bore well to the Tanks, Sewerage lines from each end every house to DEWATS tank and their chamber locations, even the location of each and every valve is done using CAD software and maintained for future identification and maintenance.

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